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Staff Sundays

Hi team! I realise not a lot of you actually want to be featured on socials, however, the staff posts always score best, so I am going to have to continue it. On the bright side, we did get some really good photos from Melbourne Cup which you can find HERE .

Even though I do know something to write for most of you, it would be super super helpful if you could tell me a bit more about yourselves so it easier for me to write a caption. To make it easy I have put together the form below, where you can say which photo you want me to use of you, and tell me a bit more about yourself. Feel free to be creative/ funny!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to be featured yourself but you think someone else deserves it, feel free to fill out the form for someone.



Staff Sundays

  • *If you're filling this out for someone else.