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Mother’s Day | Sunday 9th May

Festa della Mamma is only a few weeks away, and what’s a better way to thank Mom for all her love than an Italian Feast! You know she deserves it…
We’ve created a very special Mother’s Day Menu this year, including some specials for the bambinos, so you can spoil Mom (and yourself).




Untill then, here are 20 things you’ll hear on a daily basis if you have an Italian Mamma or Nonna :

1. You need to eat more.
2. You want turkey next-a Sunday? Ok I make-a lasagne.
3. You’re having lunch with a friend? Is he a handsome Italian man?
4. Oh, you full? I make-a you dessert.
5. You’re too skinny, I make-a you a snack.
6. When will you get off the Facebook and give me great-grand-babies?
7. I gave Rosa’s daughter your straightening iron; your hair looks better curly.
8. You look terrible, are you hungry?
9. You’re not hungry? You don’t love your Nonna?
10. We don’t need a recipe, we’re Italian!
11. You don’t have boyfriend? I pray for you.
12. Can’t sleep? I make-a you an espresso.
13. Someone answer the telephone? Oh, it’s just the television.
14. What does Nonna want for Christmas? More family.
15. You have a headache? You have more wine.
16. You only have four slices of lasagne, you don’t like Nonna’s cooking??
17. Don’t use those hand towels, they’re just for show.
18. You wanna cheese with your gnocchi? MORE THAN THAT.
19. Who is this Ryan Gosling? Is he Italian?
20. Wear your hair down, you need a husband.

Special thanks to The Urban List